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Madhavi Gavini is the founder & CEO at Droplette. She is a mathematician by training with degrees from MIT & Johns Hopkins. Previously, Madhavi developed drug design algorithms using protein structure prediction models based on algebraic topology and invented a class of peptide drugs that were granted the first FDA orphan disease designation for Pediatric Cardiomyopathy since 1994. More recently, one of the molecules she developed was used by Sandia National Labs as an experimental therapeutic for Covid-associated cardiac and pulmonary damage. Her work has been featured by the American Heart Association and published in both textbooks and journals including Frontiers and she has co-authored two book chapters.

Through her pursuit of better solutions, Madhavi and Co-Founder Rathi Srinivas created the award-winning Droplette, recognized on TIME’s Best Inventions 2022 list, and winner of CES 2023 Innovation Award, to deliver skincare ingredients deeper into the skin through mico-diffusion: 90% more effective than topical creams and serums, without needles or invasive methods. Today, Madhavi continues to innovate with Droplette’s range of skincare capsules and technology; including pursuing FDA approval to use the device for painless medical treatments for rare skin conditions, while expanding its use in the everyday realm of skincare.

Speaker Sessions


Fireside Chat: Creating The Future Landscape of Technology

30 mins
  • Track - Keynote
  • Digital Transformation
  • Non-Technical
  • Madhavi Gavini

    Founder & CEO


  • Caitlin Brumme

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Joyce Sidopoulos

    Co-Founder and Chief of Operations


Despite tough economic challenges, the startup scene in Massachusetts is thriving and startups are spearheading the charge in developing the latest technology products backed by the latest research.

In this session, join two leading women in the startup scene in an intimate discussion to learn how startups drive the latest technology innovations that drastically change our daily lives and adapt to the challenges they face to keep innovating in a tough investment environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the latest technology that is being developed from the startup scene
  • Learn about the challenges startup face in a tough economic climate to keep innovating
  • Learn about the new opportunities for startups as BigTech continues to drawback

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