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Explore the most essential technologies in today's quickly changing world and review new revolutionary concepts that are radically changing our future.

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Diving into the New Frontier

Through Keynotes, presentations, workshops and industry deep dives, we’ll explore how tech is stepping into the forefront of how we think about strategies. Alongside key trends and frontier concepts that are redefining modern business and workforces.

  • Trailblazing ideas that are building agile and adaptable organisations
  • Cutting edge technologies that are tackling societies pressing challenges
  • Pioneering new products and concepts that are pushing the boundaries of innovation

Content Tracks

Future Impact

Build your roadmap to implementing longstanding change

The decisions we make today can greatly change our future for good and provide equitable solutions to some of society's biggest challenges. Sessions in the Future Impact track will help you to meet at the intersection of technology, leadership and strategy to create a roadmap for the future.

Frontier Tech

Prepare your organization for the latest distruptors in tech

Discover opportunities emerging from tech and how it is being adopted to change our lives for the better. Join our Frontier Tech track to learn about the next-gen technology that is opening the doors for the continuous development of new services and products and help protect customers from evolving threats.

Frontier Strategies

Thrive in agile environments amongst the challenges of today

Build constant adaptability to overcome the modern challenges of business through our Frontier Strategies track to hear how our speakers are responding to global issues and what lessons we can learn from the pandemic to overcome an era of uncertainty.

Frontier Leadership

Step into your power as an influential pioneering leader in tech

During times of uncertainty, teams will naturally look to leadership for stability. Our Frontier Leadership track will feature dynamic speakers driving cultural change within their organizations, developing empowered and psychologically safe workforces with the skills equipped for the future.


Premium ticket holders have access to over 60 workshops, offering unparalleled opportunities to delve into both soft and technical topics within an intimate and engaging setting. Hone your skills through hands-on activities and interactive experiences, crafted by our expert speakers.

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Previous speakers include:

Shannon Gath

Chief Information Officer


Abha Dogra

Chief Technology and Product Officer


Jaime Waydo

Chief Technology Officer


Jean Olive

Chief Information Officer

John Hancock Financial

Sara Laprade

Chief of Staff - Technology

Boston Dynamics

Carolina Dybeck Happe

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Angela Cheng-Cimini

Senior Vice President - Talent and Chief Human Resources Officer

Harvard Business Publishing

Aparna Rayasam

SVP Products

Palo Alto Network

Anna Berg Åsberg

Vice President - R&D of IT


Nisha Paliwal

Managing Vice President - Enterprise Data and Machine Learning

Capital One

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