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Why You Should Convince Your Boss

Attending Women in Tech Boston can serve as a crucial stepping stone in your professional development, providing a vital tool to help you grow in your career. To make the most of your experience, it’s highly beneficial to gain the support of your organization by informing your manager about how attending the event can benefit both your individual growth and align with company objectives.

We understand the challenges posed by the current climate when persuading your boss the value and investment in attending, such as budget restraints and the difficulty in getting time off work, especially if you work in a smaller team. To assist you in getting started, we have created a helpful template and provided some useful tips for writing to your boss.

Top Tips For Writing a Convincing Letter

  • Explain the purpose of the conference: Explain how it is relevant to your role and the company’s objectives. Highlight the specific skills, knowledge or insights you will gain by attending and how you will apply them in your role and your team.
  • Provide a clear agenda: Include a detailed agenda of the conference, highlighting sessions or workshops that are most relevant to your job role and career goals.
  • Quantify the benefits: Provide specific examples of how attending will benefit the company, such as learning new technologies, expanding your network, or gaining insights into industry trends that can improve company performance. Identify any valuable takeaways which could result in a positive return on investment for your organisation.
  • Address costs and logistics: Be transparent about the costs associated with attending the conference, including registration fees, travel expenses, and any other relevant costs. Provide a clear plan for how you will manage these costs and ensure that the company receives a positive return on investment.
  • Emphasize your commitment to the company: Convey your passion and commitment to the company, and explain how attending the conference will help you to better serve the company’s goals. Reassure your boss that you will remain fully engaged with your job responsibilities while attending the conference, and provide a plan for how you will share what you learn with the rest of the team.

Download Email Template

Professional Development

Your career will evolve just as fast as technology does and your skillset will need to evolve alongside it to meet the demands of an ever changing industry.

This year’s theme, ‘The New Frontier’, will explore the most essential technologies in today’s quickly changing world and review new revolutionary concepts that are radically changing our future.

Our carefully crafted content will provide you with the skills of the future and the tools you need to take the next step in your career.

Extensive Networking

Join 1000+ pioneering women from the world of tech and make lasting connections that really matter.

Mingle with other attendees throughout the day, establish mentor/mentee relationships, and make meaningful connections at our networking reception.

Take your networking even further with our event app. You can exchange contact details, message other attendees, engage in discussions, and set up meetings all in one place.

Champion DE&I Initiatives

Amplify the voice of your organization and provide insight into your experience working in the tech sector, showcase your organization’s achievements, along with its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.

Gain insight into the DE&I initiatives adopted by other companies in attendance and the top tips on how to implement these successfully. Leave the event with the confidence to provide feedback to your organization on how they could bring DE&I to the forefront of the business and how this can benefit their overall strategy.

Dive Into The New Frontier

This year’s event has been built around The New Frontier, focusing on three key themes – Future Impact, Frontier Tech, Frontier Strategies and Frontier Leadership.

Our agenda has been specifically designed to provide you with opportunities to deep-dive into essential technologies, enhance your skillset, prepare to take the next step in your career, and drive change within your organization.

Regardless of your seniority or experience level, you will be able to find insightful sessions that cater to your career journey.

Networking Opportunities

Hosted Drinks Reception

Connect with attendees at our Networking Reception where you'll be able to share some of your biggest takeaways of the day and build new relationships in a relaxed and informal setting.

Event App

Your time is valuable, so elevate your experience to the next level with the official Women in Tech Boston event App! It enables you to book meetings with exhibiting companies, search & network with other attendees, create and interact with community forums & build your own agenda. With the ability to plan your day before you arrive, you can maximize your #WiTB23 experience!

Personal Branding Hub

Reinvent yourself at the Personal Branding Hub with the opportunity to perfect your LinkedIn profile, define your elevator pitch to secure your next role at #WiTB23!

Career Advice Hub

Connect with our speakers at the Career Advice Hub where you’ll be able to gain advice that’s personal to you and your specific professional challenges.

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