Tracy Colameco

Sr. Director - Analytics & Information Management

Cervello a Kearney Company

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Tracy Colameco brings more than two decades of experience to the data and analytics landscape. Currently serving as the Sr. Director at Cervello, a Kearney company, Tracy leads the Business Enablement Center of Excellence.   This team is all about leveraging data to drive business growth, an exciting endeavor.

Tracy’s expertise spans various industries and roles. One highlight was helping overhaul revenue lifecycle management for a big healthcare player, Tracy championed self-service insights that enhanced operations and guided high-level decision-making.   Her impact in manufacturing is equally impressive, overseeing the design and implementation of production capacity and cost-to-serve models for a number of clients in the sector, streamlining processes and offering clarity on product costs.   In the world of consumer-packaged goods (CPG), Tracy has contributed to various clients by delivering insights into financial and sales performance.

Off the clock, Tracy passionately supports small businesses. From her involvement on a craft museum board and adding flair to a community theater with wine tastings, to aiding a friend’s floral business and assisting small companies with finance and analytics, she’s a committed advocate. Tracy’s also dedicated to giving back through work with animal shelters. Not to mention, her affinity for fine wines is evident through her past ownership of a wine store. In a nutshell, Tracy’s journey is characterized by practical leadership in the data field, coupled with a vibrant personality and diverse interests.

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Unveiling Data Value: Mastering ROI Discovery In Data Investments

60 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • Data
  • Premium Ticket Holders Only
  • Sandy Estrada

    Vice President - Analytics & Information Management

    Cervello a Kearney Company

  • Tracy Colameco

    Sr. Director - Analytics & Information Management

    Cervello a Kearney Company

In today’s data-driven world, organizations continuously grapple with the challenge of translating data investments into tangible value. Our workshop, “Unveiling Data Value,” delves into the heart of this predicament by guiding participants through an immersive scenario. During this 60-minute session, participants will explore the intricacies of identifying value drivers, strategically allocating resources, and reaping the benefits of data investments.

In this interactive 60-minute workshop, you’ll collaborate with peers to delve into a fictional company’s journey towards harnessing AI amidst data chaos. Through engaging exercises, discussions, and real-world insights, you’ll emerge armed with actionable knowledge to master the discovery and articulation of ROI in your data investments. Join us to revolutionize your approach to data value and turn investments into undeniable business impact.

The Why: In a landscape where data’s value is both a challenge and an opportunity, understanding the returns on your data investments is essential. As an executive or leader, you need the tools to confidently articulate the concrete outcomes your initiatives will deliver. This session equips you with the insights to bridge the gap between investment and impact, ensuring that your data-driven decisions pave the way for measurable and significant results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a comprehensive grasp of the pivotal value drivers in data investments, allowing you to align your strategies with overarching business goals.
  • Acquire the skills to craft meaningful metrics that not only quantify value but also resonate with stakeholders at various levels of the organization.
  • Unlock proven strategies for effectively realizing the anticipated value from data investments, drawing insights from real-world case studies and examples.

This session is for… forward-thinking executives, data leaders, and decision-makers who are driven to unlock the true potential of their data investments. If you find yourself constantly seeking ways to bridge the gap between data initiatives and tangible value, this workshop is a must-attend. Whether you’re leading AI implementation, grappling with data complexities, or navigating the intricacies of data management, this session will empower you with actionable strategies to master the art of ROI discovery in data investments.

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