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Exro Technologies

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One of the world’s proven leaders in the innovation and manufacturing of electric motors, Sue has nine years of accomplishments at General Electric, acting as CCO and the CEO of GE’s Small Industrial Motors Division, overseeing the division’s North American and International markets – ultimately building the division into a 160 million enterprise.

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Innovating Our Path To A Sustainable Future

30 mins
  • Track - Future Impact
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sue Ozdemir

    Chief Executive Officer

    Exro Technologies

In an era pivoting to electrification, the world grapples with challenges spanning the energy and transportation sectors. From grid inadequacies to electric vehicle proliferation, the quest for efficiency is paramount. This talk unveils next-generation technologies poised to revolutionize how we utilize energy, emphasizing intelligent, adaptive solutions. By addressing inherent obstacles, we pave the way for a sustainable, electrified future, harnessing innovation to optimize energy consumption and transportation paradigms. Join us as we journey into the forefront of technological transformation, championing a brighter, smarter future.

The Why: We stand at a pivotal crossroad. The electrification transition isn’t just an upgrade — it’s a necessary leap towards a sustainable future in which the shift to electrification in both energy and transportation sectors becomes crucial. But like any monumental change, it brings challenges. This session isn’t merely about the ‘what’ of the next-gen tech—it’s about the ‘why’ and ‘how’. Understand the gravity of our global energy challenge and the paramount importance of innovative solutions. Dive deep, be informed, and be part of the change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of electrification and technological innovations that offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions.
  • Learn beyond the obvious technological shifts and discover often-overlooked avenues.
  • Learn how to navigate challenges in leading the transition

This session is for…

  • You if a passion for clean tech drives you – If the promise of clean technology stirs your soul, and the thought of a greener, more sustainable future excites you, this session is tailor-made for you.
  • You if you’re curious about transition challenges – For those eager to dive deep into the intricate challenges of electrification transition — from technical obstacles to strategic hurdles — this discussion will offer a comprehensive overview.
  • You if leadership in transition intrigues you – If you’re keen on understanding or even leading the monumental shift toward electrification, learning from setbacks, and pioneering innovative solutions, this conversation will serve as both guide and inspiration. Join us to be part of the change.

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