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Narmatha Balasundaram is an Engineering Lead at Microsoft with over 15 years’ experience. She is an engineering leader with extensive background in web and mobile applications in the financial services industry space. Narmatha loves the envisioning process with customer, ideating the ‘what could be possible’ and translating these into engineering solutions. Narmatha is an active contributor, organizer, and participant in many organizations, from hackathons to Women in Tech and is a passionate mentor.

Speaker Sessions


Human-Centered Design and Generative AI Engineering

60 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • Advanced Technology
  • AI
  • Premium Ticket Holders Only
  • Technical
  • Naz Mirzaie

    Principal Human and AI Experience Researcher and Designer


  • Narmatha Balasundaram

    Engineering Lead


In this technical deep dive session, Naz and Narmatha, experts in their respective fields of Human Experience Design and Software Engineering, delve into the pivotal role of a human-centered, multidisciplinary approach in shaping meaningful generative AI solutions. Through practical insights, Naz and Narmatha share strategies to foster seamless collaboration between design and engineering teams, emphasizing the need for user research, iterative feedback loops, interdisciplinary communication, and holistic problem-solving approaches.

This is an engaging session where they will bring the audience into the discussion! Please bring your own learnings and questions to ask along the way.

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