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Anusha Dharmalingam is the Executive Director and Senior Architect at Athenahealth, a healthcare company that uses innovative technology to connect clinicians, patients, payers, and partners to improve health and financial outcomes. With over 22 years of experience in leading and executing software projects for various business domains, Anusha is an ardent technologist who has successfully executed multiple digital and cloud transformation programs. She specializes in building highly scalable, available, and reliable applications in the cloud, and enjoys staying abreast of dynamic trends in technology.

Anusha holds a Master of Business Administration from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from India.

Passionate about promoting women in the technology field, Anusha runs a lean-in circle at Athena named SCALE (She Can Architect Lead and Evolve). The group aims to encourage more women to pursue the role of an architect, and Anusha takes a special interest in mentoring women architects.

Speaker Sessions


Building Scalable Cloud Applications With A Frugality Lens

30 mins
  • Track - new-frontiers
  • Advanced Technology
  • Technical
  • Anusha Dharmalingam

    Executive Director - Senior Architect


When creating applications in a cloud environment with flexible pricing models, it’s crucial to be mindful of expenses. This is especially true for applications that need to adjust their capacity dynamically and scale to accommodate varying levels of demand. In this session, I’ll be sharing several strategies for achieving scalability without incurring excessive costs.

The Why: Building applications in the cloud has become commonplace in today’s world, and with it comes challenges related to scalability and cost-effectiveness. While cloud-based applications offer benefits such as flexibility, scalability, and accessibility, they can lead to unforeseen expenses if not managed properly. As cloud-based applications grow and become more complex, costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Moreover, if these applications are not designed with scalability in mind, they may become inefficient and incapable of handling increased usage or demand. As a result, it is crucial to building applications that are scalable and cost-effective. To address these challenges, this session aims to provide developers, DevOps engineers, managers, and architects with techniques that they can apply on a day-to-day basis to effectively balance scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the architecture, design, and coding considerations for scalability.
  • Techniques on using serverless computing options for scalability with tight control on cost.
  • Role of Observability around scalability and cost management.

This session is for… you if you are a developer, DevOps Engineer, Manager, or an Architect building or managing applications in the Cloud.

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