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Boston and Massachusetts hosts a plethora of opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the startup scene, and we’re proud to have partnered with CIC for this year’s Women in Tech Boston who have been helping to facilitate a space where that innovation and collaboration can thrive!

Ahead of next week’s event, we caught up with Stacey Messier, General Manager @ CIC Providence to hear her thoughts on the future of the innovation coming from Boston, how women can capitalize on this growth and what she’s looking forward to at #WiTB23!

Hi Stacey, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! To kick things off, please do introduce yourself and CIC to our Women in Tech Boston community who might be unfamiliar with you!

My name is Stacey Messier and I work at CIC, where we’re changing the world through innovation every day by creating the best possible environment and programming to enable startups, scale-ups, corporations, and public entities to tackle the biggest local and global challenges while fostering growth and connection.

As the regional general manager for our Providence, Cambridge, and Boston innovation campuses, I have the pleasure of connecting with people from over 35 different industries every day. We build community through something we like to call “creative collisions” where something as simple as a conversation at the coffee machine can help an innovator solve problems faster with more clarity.

What trends are you seeing coming out of the Boston innovation scene right now?

The proliferation of generative AI companies has been a trend within our communities in Boston and Cambridge lately. They stretch across many different industries and include dental, distribution, radiology, vaccine development, pharma, and K-12 math education.

How are you seeing the scene evolve and what do you think the future looks like for tech in Boston and Massachusetts?

Boston and Massachusetts at large are known as one of the world’s leading life sciences hubs and that isn’t changing. However, the extensions and connections between life sciences and other areas (like AI) is re-affirming the region as a true hub of innovation. AI is a great example as we think about the creative advancements made across the life science ecosystem as the potential benefits become a reality.

What opportunities are out there for women who are looking to start their own venture or looking to develop their startup?

Every Thursday CIC welcomes the general public to join us for a program called Venture Cafe where each week brings out new topics, workshops, and speakers to help entrepreneurs and innovators find their path. Beyond our offerings, there are a number of wonderful networking groups and conferences within the city that I’d welcome any curious founder to attend and try. Look for wonderful experiences like Women In Tech Boston as well as groups like She Is Boston, Women Entrepreneurs Network, the MA Conference for Women, or hop down to Providence for the annual RISE Women’s Leadership Conference.

Our theme for this year’s event is The New Frontier; what does The New Frontier mean to you and CIC?

The New Frontier to me is getting clear on our climate, its limited resources, and therefore developing sustainable renewable energy practices. In our Providence campus we are fortunate to be the nation’s largest concentration of offshore wind companies with over 30 entities that stretch across the supply chain for this burgeoning industry. In our Cambridge campus we have SeaAhead, a longtime member of CIC who offers a bluetech platform that includes startup resources, programming, and investment. They’re leading the charge when it comes to enabling our blue economy ecosystem through consistent mission-driven strategies.

What are you looking forward to at Women in Tech Boston?

I’m thrilled to see so much energy around “Frontier Tech” and the rich learning opportunities Women in Tech Boston is offering this year. It’s one thing to get a group of women together, it’s something entirely different when we’re empowering women through access and smart pathways to high quality professional development.

Finally, Women in Tech Boston is built on community; what advice would you give to our attendees on building your network and furthering your presence?

Put on your most memorable color, raise your hand, and ask questions. We’re often not the only ones in the room with a particular curiosity; you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll find your tribe simply by having a voice. Additionally, be persistent about getting together with the people you’ve met outside of the conference. Make time for coffees both virtual and in-person. Keep the momentum going by furthering the connection after the buzz of the conference floor has gone quiet.

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