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Sara Laprade is Chief of Staff for Technology at Boston Dynamics, the world leader in advanced mobile robots. She is a strategic advisor and partner in building scalable engineering and business processes to solve complex problems in the disruptive robotics world. Sara joined Boston Dynamics from Berkshire Grey, where she spent two years as a Principal Engineer.

Sara’s career has spanned across 10+ years in shipping, logistics, research, and robotics industries. Six of those years were with Amazon, starting with sortation center launches and finishing in the Amazon Robotics space; formally known as Kiva Systems. Sara received her B.Sc. in Industrial & Management Engineering in 2010 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she was an active member of the Society of Women Engineers, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and the RPI Equestrian Team. Her most rewarding experiences are those that come as a team mate, whether in sports or business.

Fun Fact: Sara’s biggest life passion (outside of robotics, of course) is riding and competing on her Irish Sport Horse named Liam.

Speaker Sessions


How Robots Will Change Our World

30 mins
  • Track - Future Impact
  • Advanced Technology
  • AI
  • Software Development
  • Technical
  • Sara Laprade

    Chief of Staff - Technology

    Boston Dynamics

There can be a collective misconception of robots’ potential effect on the world. Specifically, we tend to have a negative outlook on the impact they will have throughout the adoption phase. During this session, we will discuss how the adoption of robots will create jobs that are more fulfilling and less physically strenuous. By embracing automation, companies will grow faster and provide more to the world; a necessity with our ever-growing population. Robots are equipment, full of software that we write, made to enrich our lives. Robots that move through, and interact with our world will take many forms; humanoid robots, built in our image, are a perfect fit for a world designed around humans. Can we coexist with a humanoid robot without humanizing our robots?

The Why: As robots go from industrial sites and factories into our everyday lives, we need to have conversations about how they make us feel. Rather than focusing on feeling uncomfortable and intimidated, let’s use robots to fuel our imaginations and passions and enrich the world around us.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to educate yourself and your team on issues that arise outside of the research world.
  • Understand which technological issues require you to be proactive in addressing.
  • How robots can improve and enrich human lives, starting today.

This session is for… you if you want to be a leader in the community, working to reverse the negative perception and misunderstandings of your disruptive technology.

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