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Louvere Walker-Hannon is a MathWorks Application Engineering Senior Team Lead, who provides technical guidance and strategic direction on the implementation of AI and Data Science workflows for various applications. She also manages a team of Application Engineers. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a master’s degree in Geographic Information Technology with a specialization in Remote Sensing. She has worked in three different engineering roles throughout her 20 plus year career while at MathWorks.

Louvere has presented AI workshops and on the intersections of how AI/Data Science impacts various dimensions of diversity in society at various STEM conferences. She has a long history of serving as a STEM advocate and mentor especially related to underrepresented groups in technology. She has won awards such as the Engaged Advocate Award from the Society of Women Engineers in 2022. Louvere looks forward to presenting at Women in Tech Boston in 2023.

Speaker Sessions


AI For Good: Harnessing Technology To Reduce Societal Challenges

60 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • AI
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • Premium Ticket Holders Only
  • Louvere Walker-Hannon

    Application Engineering - Senior Team Lead


There have been a wide array of studies identifying different methods to address many of today’s societal issues and inequalities. Many of the suggested solutions tend to involve education, government legislation, and activism, but recently, more recent studies have been focused on technology as a solution with AI highlighted due to its power and popularity. AI is typically not used in isolation but in conjunction with other technologies. Although these societal issues impact many, if an individual is identified as being a member of a marginalized group, studies demonstrate that this individual may be impacted at a disproportionate rate. In this session, we’ll look at a case study highlighting how AI could be used to reduce Black maternal mortality.

During this 60-minute deep dive session with a combination of lectures and interactive activities, different perspectives on this topic will be identified. The interactivities during this session will be through guided conversations at our tables, dedicated reflection time, and the creation of action plans with the next steps. This session will provide an opportunity to explore what are ways that AI in conjunction with other resources could be used to address societal issues such as the increase in Black maternal mortality.

The Why: Specifically, by joining this session we can explore if AI and other technologies could be used to address one plus possibly other societal issues. The focus of the session case study is a health crisis that is occurring now and through this session, we can gain an understanding of where the technology may be able to assist to address the case study or other societal issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explain what are the key concerns related to AI being used to address societal issues such as Black maternal mortality.
  • Illustrate how you as an audience member can understand how AI could be helpful or harmful with respect to societal issues.
  • Devise a plan to understand how AI in conjunction with other technologies could be used to reduce Black maternal mortality but also recognize potential challenges with this approach.

This session is for… you if you want to learn how technology could be used to address a current societal issue which is an existing health crisis and how you can understand the usage of technology in this potential solution to this health crisis.


Career Advice Hub

60 mins
  • Track - Networking
  • Career Development
  • Networking
  • Louvere Walker-Hannon

    Application Engineering - Senior Team Lead


  • Enna Jimenez

    IDEMIA Connect Business Lead


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