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Executive Director

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

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With multiple leadership roles at MIT, Kathleen is on the front lines of technology and innovation. Right now, she is passionate about AI education, digital transformation, and sustainable fashion. She is a strategic leader with a unique skill set for transforming organizations as well as building new ones.

As Executive Director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Kathleen is working with a multidisciplinary research team on Supermind Design, a methodology for designing intelligent human/machine organizations. She is putting that into practice at MIT Open Learning where she leads MIT Horizon, a digital learning platform helping organizations to train at scale.

Kathleen is a venture partner at Good Growth Capital, which funds ambitious founders who are creating companies that will improve lives. As the Director of Special Projects of MIT, she was lead on the stealth team that launched The Engine, a venture fund for tough tech startups.

She has held several leadership positions including President of Technology Review; President of the MIT Enterprise Forum Global; Director of Special Projects of MIT; cofounder and board member of Hubweek.

Kathleen is a frequent speaker at global conferences and very active in the innovation community. She serves on numerous selection committees including the MacArthur Foundation 100&change, CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards and the Eisenhower Fellowships. She was awarded the Folio: 40, which recognizes the most innovative and influential people in the media industry, and named by the Women of the Harvard Club as one of Boston’s Most Influential Women.

Speaker Sessions


Supermind Design: Helping People And Technology Work Smarter Together

30 mins
  • Track - new-frontiers
  • Digital Transformation
  • Non-Technical
  • Kathleen Kennedy

    Executive Director

    MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Our world is filled with complex systems of people and machines that we humans have designed: from companies and governments to economies and societies and as technologies and human desires change, the configurations of these systems often need to change, too. Supermind Design is an approach that emphasizes generating innovative new possibilities for how to configure these systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the concept of Supermind Design.
  • Get tips on how to build an intelligent organization.
  • Be inspired by case studies from MIT.

This session is for…

  • Leaders looking to make their organization more intelligent.
  • Anyone looking for a system to generate creative ideas to solve problems.
  • Entrepreneurs building new companies.

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