Q&A with Pooja Salpekar, Senior Engineering Manager @ Babbel Inc.

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Firstly, please introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Pooja and I am a Senior Engineering Manager with Babbel, Inc. a digital language learning product. I have been working with Babbel for over seven years, currently managing two teams one in Germany and one in the US. I’m extremely passionate about what we’re building as a product, but also as a medium of helping people be conversationalists in different languages. Before Babbel, I have experience in software consultancy and also in an early-stage start-up. I’ve been part of Women in Tech before and am extremely thrilled to be a part of this conference again.

What are you looking forward to at Women in Tech Boston?

I am looking forward to seeing the energy in the room – it brings so many voices and so many brilliant women from everywhere in the industry together. In addition to that, I’ve seen the lineup, and the keynotes and workshops are things that I am also extremely excited to attend and participate in.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to step up their career in tech?

Two things; one, is essential that women support each other so find your mentors. Women can help to motivate each other when it comes to advancing in technology and finding a network like Women in Tech Boston not only helps us learn from one another but also encourages us to connect with each other during the journey. The second thing is to keep upskilling and be prepared for the ever-evolving technology industry. .

What do you see as the biggest challenge currently facing women in technology?

I think a lack of female leaders and role models is one of the things that a lot of us face in this industry. This is one area where we can do a lot, together. Not only bring women and young girls into STEM but also help women to grow and become role models and leaders to help future generations find someone that they can aspire to be.

With the theme of the event being Resilience, as a woman in technology, what does resilience mean to you?

To me, resilience is the ability to bounce back when things don’t go as planned and it’s the same for how we build software. We build software so that it’s resilient so that we can prepare it for the unexpected. When we’re expecting the unexpected, it gives us the courage to go after our dreams despite the various risks that we may face one way or another.

Join Pooja Salpekar for her session “Challenges of Engineering Management” at Women in Tech Boston on October 20 – 21st.

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