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What do you see as the biggest challenge currently facing women in technology?

The biggest challenge is burnout. But this is not unique to the tech industry. It affects women across corporate America. There’s no shortage of studies, like McKinsey’s Women in The Workplace report, that have put a spotlight on how women have risen to the occasion as strong leaders since the beginning of the pandemic, all while doing more to support and advance DE&I efforts. This incredible work has largely gone unrecognized, and it has taken a massive toll, resulting in women being significantly more burned out than their male counterparts. The potential loss of these leaders could hurt the advancement of DE&I efforts.

This year’s theme is Resilience; what does resilience mean to you?

To me, resilience means having grit. It’s having the passion and perseverance to achieve the end goal despite significant challenges. The theme of this event is so timely. Humans are currently facing our biggest resiliency challenge to date with climate change. Like with any great problem, resilience is needed to overcome – bringing urgent attention to it, putting in the work, and not allowing ourselves to become defeated.

What advice would you give to women looking to step up their career in tech?

Sustainability is not a fad. All industries are creating ESG oriented roles and practices in response to consumer and governmental pressure. Taking an interest in sustainability and developing skills in this area makes you more valuable to your business. Because it’s a new field and here to stay, the playing field is fairly level, making the opportunity immense for women at all levels and across all job functions. This holds true for career resilience and growth in the tech industry because it is one of the major entities required to drive change.

Why is this event such an important one for PTC to be part of?

At PTC, we don’t just imagine a better world – we help create it. From designing more sustainable products to giving back to our communities and empowering our employees, partners, and customers, we are united by our shared purpose: to drive meaningful change and take bold action to create an environment where we can all be our best. Participating at an event (especially one so close to our global headquarters!) that celebrates diversity in tech and the power of resilience is a no brainer.

Join Catherine Kniker for her Keynote “The Opportunity for Sustainable Product Development” at Women in Tech Boston on October 20 – 21st and meet our Diamond Sponsor, PTC at Booth 14!

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